Early Childhood Safety

Brain Injury Prevention and Awareness Lesson Plans

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the leading cause of death and disability in children and young adults. Fortunately, following simple safety precautions can prevent the majority of all brain injuries. This early childhood curriculum guide covers the topics of transportation safety, fall prevention, sports safety, playground safety, and conflict resolution. It includes lesson objectives, activity sheets and additional resources.

Wheeled Sports, Helmet and Pedestrian Safety

Brainy Bunch

Bones Heal. Brains Don’t!

Brainy Bunch, a website designed by the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey, is the resource site for brain injury prevention and awareness. Find information on wheeled sports and helmet safetysports and pedestrian safety across the ages. This website also includes interactive safety games for kids, and resources for parents and teachers.

Think Positive-A Helmet Safety Reward Program

The Alliance’s Think Positive Toolkit is a step-by-step manual that assists police officers in designing, implementing and maintaining incentive programs that reinforce safe behavior – specifically proper helmet use by children and adolescents on wheeled sports. Includes tips for implementing your program, tools for evaluation, press releases for promoting the program, materials for wheeled sports rodeos, and resources.