Please join me in supporting people with brain injury by making your
holiday gift to the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey.



No one is ever prepared for when a brain injury strikes. As a 21 year-old senior at The College of New Jersey, I had so many hopes and dreams, I thought nothing was going to stop me–until I was walking and struck by a car being driven by a drunk driver. My parents will always remember the call they received that night, asking to consent to my organ donation.

Instead of graduating college with my friends, I remained in a coma for almost two weeks, and spent the next five months in the hospital undergoing 15 surgeries and intense rehabilitation. While I understood that my broken bones would take time to heal, what I did not know was the consequences I would suffer as a result of a severe traumatic brain injury. I am grateful to have fully recovered and fulfilled my dream of becoming an attorney. I have dedicated my career as a personal injury attorney representing clients who have sustained traumatic brain injuries. Through my work, I had the privilege of becoming involved with the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey (BIANJ).

BIANJ is the most prominent and powerful voice for people who have sustained brain injuries in New Jersey, offering support, guidance and hope for these individuals and their families. The mission of BIANJ is to support and advocate for individuals affected by brain injury and raise awareness through education and prevention. Through their care management programs, support groups, information and resources helpline, statewide education and awareness programs and Camp TREK, they are compassionate and tireless advocates for people with brain injuries and their families in New Jersey.

I am proud to announce that I will become the President of the Board of Trustees for BIANJ in January, after serving on their Board for 11 years. Drawing on my personal experience, I look forward to leading this wonderful organization, which continues to successfully reduce preventable brain injuries and support those who are living with brain injury.

My wife, children and I have been long-term supporters of BIANJ because we know that with every donation, so many lives are being dramatically improved. This is why I am asking for your help today. Please share this letter with your friends and contacts so that everyone in New Jersey can help us fulfill our lifesaving mission. 

On behalf of the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey, we thank you for your support, and wish you a safe and happy holiday and New Year.

Thank you,

Steven Benvenisti, Esq.
President-elect, Board of Trustees