For Mike Tidaback, age 51, competition is in his blood.  As a 34-year professional race car driver, he possesses the resilience needed to get to the finish line and succeed.  Today, Mike is striving towards the most important finish line in his life: recovering from his brain injury.   

Mike sustained a severe traumatic brain injury in a car crash in Atlantic City in January of 2018, during a qualifying race. The crash was witnessed by both his wife, Renee and his 8-year-old son.  After spending one month in a trauma center and another month in acute rehabilitation, Mike returned home to continue his recovery with his family by his side.

The Tidaback family needed help and connected with the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey in December of 2018. According to Mike’s wife Renee, “I was quickly supported and welcomed into the caring family of BIANJ.”  The family attended our first Adopt a Family party the following December and Renee shared, “it was the first time I saw my son smile since his dad’s injury.”

Throughout the year, the Tidaback family has received many services from our care management program, CARES, which has included emotional support for the entire family.  According to Renee, “knowing that I have someone available to support me and my family … when I need help is a huge comfort and lifts a large burden from my shoulders. CARES staff not only support my husband, but my son and me as well.  I don’t know how I could have gotten through this year without them.”  CARES staff are working with the Tidaback family to help them understand brain injury and connect them to much needed resources.  In addition, the CARES staff attend school and doctor meetings with the family to advocate for their needs. 

Mike is continuing his rehabilitation and is making progress in his recovery.  He is determined to win this race, for himself, his family and the community that has cheered for him from the sidelines for decades.   

At this time of holiday giving, please support the CARES program so that we can continue to help families like the Tidaback’s.  CARES is a privately funded program that supports people of all ages dealing with brain injury.  Over the last two years, CARES has work

ed with over 150 families, but the need for this program is greater than our funding can provide. 

Please donate to CARES so that nobody has to face a brain injury alone.

I thank you for your shared commitment to supporting people impacted by brain injury and wish you and yours a healthy, safe and happy holiday and new year.   


Steven Benvenisti, Esq.
President, Board of Trustees