The Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey’s public policy principles and priorities center on our mission to support and advocate for individuals affected by brain injury and raise public awareness through education and prevention. We strive to advance a public policy agenda to fulfill our vision of a world where all individuals with brain injury and their caregivers maximize their quality of life, the consequences of all unavoidable brain injuries are minimized and all preventable brain injuries are prevented. The Alliance’s mission and vision guide the work of the Advocacy & Public Affairs (APA) division which is supported by the Advocacy & Public Affairs Committee and Alliance staff.

Within the APA division is an Alliance-based advocacy committee, the Council for the Head Injured Community (CHIC). The mission of CHIC is to champion and publicize the advocacy, rights, and needs of people who have survived a brain injury. Any person with brain injury is welcomed to join CHIC and raise awareness of their brain injury-related concerns. Learn more about CHIC by clicking here.  Register by clicking here. To view CHIC’s recent brain injury identification card resources, click here.

If you are interested in obtaining information, news, and education pertaining to public policy relating to brain injury, you can register for the Alliance’s Legislative Network. To sign up for Legislative Network updates, click here.

Visit our Advocacy Education, Information & Resources page to learn about government, plus getting involved, becoming connected and staying motivated.

You can also contact the APA division if you are interested in:

  • Defining who your elected officials are and how to contact them;
  • Offering your views on a public policy matter relating to brain injury;
  • Obtaining a list of bills the Alliance monitors;
  • Learning about the legislative process and how to work within the process;
  • Supporting the Alliance in achieving its public policy objectives;
  • Obtaining knowledge on how to advocate

If you have any questions about the Advocacy & Public Affairs division, please contact Tom Grady, Director of Advocacy and Public Affairs at 732-745-0200 or