2017 Presentations

Keynote Address: Health and Neurodegeneration: A Continuum of Aging
Presented by Kristen Dams-O’Connor, PhD

Home and Community Based Treatments
Presented by Ann Marie McLaughlin, PhD and Steven Holefelder, OTR/L

Behaviors: Challenging for the Patient, Challenging for the Team
Presented by Jay Gordon, PhD and Kristen Schreier MA CCC-SLP, CBIST

Autonomic Dysfunction After Traumatic Brain Injury
Presented by Brian Greenwald, MD

Smartphone-Based Research for Individuals with Brain Injury
Presented by Stephen Hampton, MD

Brain Injury in the Corrections System: Implications of Misdiagnosis or Underdiagnosis
Presented by Drew Nagele, PsyD, CBIST

Relationships and Sexuality after Brain Injury
Presented by Ann Marie McLaughlin, PhD

Traumatic Brain Injury: Re-integrating Vision, Hearing, Speech and Balance
Presented by S. Moshe Roth, OD, FCOVD

Substance Abuse After Brain Injury: A Toxic Mix
Presented by Scott Peters, MS, OTR/L

The Process for Becoming Eligible for Medicaid
Presented by Tom Grady, MPA, DTM

Managed Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS)
Presented by Horizon NJ Health

Maximizing Communication: Strategies, Techniques and Technology
Presented by Pamela Tamulevicius, MSR, CCC-SLP

Traumatic Brain Injury Patients and Deep Vein Thrombosis
Presented by David Glazer, MD

Length of Stay and Functional Outcomes in the ABI Population- 10 Year Retrospective Study
Presented by Kristina Lagzdnis, PT, DPT, CSRS, CBIS

Working Around the System: The Experience of Professionals Working in Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Presented by Gillian Murray, DSW, LSW, CBIS

2016 Presentations

Keith D. Cicerone, PhD – Cognitive Rehabilitation

Kelly Kollias, PsyD and Alison Tverdov, PsyD – Concussion Treatment in Children and Adolescents: Fact and Fiction

Brian D. Greenwald, MD – Medical Complexity & Complications of Patients with Traumatically Induced Disorders of Consciousness

Diana S. Glendinning, PhD; Mei T. Lie, PharmD, BCPP; Anthony Michael Tobia, MD – Neurobioloty, Diagnosis & Treatment of PTSD & TBI in Veterans

Marissa Emple, MA, LCAT, MT-BC – The Creative Use of Music Therapy for the Pediatric Long-Term Brain Injury Patient

Thomas F. Grady, MPA, ACG, ALB – Leveraging the Government for the Benefit of People with Brain Injury

Neera Kapoor, OD, MS, FAAO, FCOVD-A – Vision Deficits Following Traumatic Brain Injury

Julie Ferris, MD; Anthony H. Lequerica, PhD; Irene Ward, PT, DPT, NCS – Clinical Research Collaborations; Sleep Disturbance After Brain Injury; Rates of Successful Decannulation During Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation of Patients with Acquired Brain Injury

2015 Presentations

“Balancing Compensation and Remediation – Learning in a classroom after brain injury” – Sarah Levin Allen, Ph.D., CBIS

“Current Concepts in the Office Treatment of the Concussed Athlete” – R. Robert Franks, D.O., FAOASM

“Denied Benefits? Step-By-Step Empowerment Through the Appeals Process” – Tom Grady, MPA, ACS, ALB

“Driving After Brain Injury” – Beth Rolland, OTR, CDRS

“Intimacy, Sexuality and Reproductive Health after TBI” – Yelena Goldin, Ph.D.

“Measuring Outcomes in TBI” – Kyle Haggerty, Ph.D., Karen Lindgren, Ph.D.

“Mobile and Everyday Technologies for People with Traumatic Brain Injuries” – Kristen Russell, OTR, ATP

“Presence of Dedicated Trauma Center Physiatrist Improves Functional Outcomes Following Traumatic Brain Injury” – Christine Greiss, D.O.

“Transitioning to a College Environment”- Doreen Bridgman MS, CCC, SLP

“Understanding the Level of Concussion: Knowledge in High School Sports in New Jersey” – Emerald Lin, MD

“Visual Rehabilitation: Promoting Sight, Self-Care, Safety & Success” – Linda Clemente, OTR/L, Patricia Higgins MS, OTR/L, Nidhi Shah PT, DPT