A 2020 Perspective: Improving TBI Outcomes in the Next Decade
May 12, 2020
Pines Manor
Edison, New Jersey

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The overall objective of this seminar is to provide an educational opportunity to professionals working with individuals affected by brain injury through workshops related to research, clinical innovations and strategies, rehabilitation, and advocacy.


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2020 Keynote Address

Traumatic Brain Injury as a Chronic Health Condition
Presented by: John D. Corrigan, PhD

Most traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are mild and cause temporary neurological impairment. While some mild TBIs, and many more severe injuries, cause permanent changes, the clinical precept of the past was that residual impairments due to TBI are static once an initial recovery phase has plateaued. This assumption––that the effects of TBI do not change over the remainder of a person’s life––has been drawn into question by several independent bodies of research. The emerging picture is that for more severe injuries, as well as some less severe, the long-term course of TBI is better characterized as a dynamic rather than static and necessitates being approached as a chronic health condition. Data supporting this new conception of TBI will be presented and implications for proactive management strategies will be discussed.

At the conclusion of Dr. Corrigan’s presentation, participants will be able to describe change in function from rehabilitation discharge to five years’ post-injury, explain conditions with the greatest excess mortality for persons receiving rehabilitation for TBI, and discuss issues to be addressed in developing a proactive approach to long-term management of moderate and severe TBI.

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