Jill Schulman Community Pillar Award

The Jill Schulman Community Pillar Award recognizes individuals, employed in the brain injury field, who significantly contribute to the quality of life for people with brain injury and their caregivers and promote brain health through their volunteer service and support of the mission of the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey. The Award was renamed to honor Jill Schulman who passed away in May of 2011. During her 21 year tenure with the Alliance, Jill’s contributions, character, and unending passion embodied the spirit in which the Community Pillar Award was established.

Past Recipients

  • 2018 – Safe Kids New Jersey Coalition Coordinators – Meliam Gonzales, Jane Millner, Beth Quarishi, Carol Ann Giardelli, Marissa Fisher, Caitlyn Foelsch, Kelly DeLeon
  • 2017 – Brie Gallo
  • 2016 – The Quick Family
  • 2015 – Heather Boccassini
  • 2014 – Dianne Simmons Grab
  • 2013 – Camille Lombard, Rene Carfi, Joanna Boyd
  • 2012 – Betty Collins, Mary Sharlow-Galella
  • 2011 – Marisa King
  • 2010 – Susan Paradise, Brad Ross


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