BIANJ CARES was developed to support individuals and families impacted by brain injury. This program focuses on collaborating to assess current needs and develop a plan to help achieve their greatest potential and increase quality of life.


– Must live in New Jersey and have a diagnosis of brain injury.

– Demonstrate a need for care management services in any of the following areas: social, vocational, medical and rehabilitation services, emotional support, independence and quality of life.


“My case manager helped me navigate treatment and system barriers. I have been able to receive Medicaid Social Security Disability which has helped me focus on treatment.”

“CARES has provided in person support at doctor appointments which has helped me learn how to self-advocate for appropriate brain injury treatment.”

“Just having the meeting with my case manager lifted a heavy burden from my husband and me–we weren’t alone.”

“The stress on families is enormous when they are trying to help a disabled son or daughter. So it means so much when you can have CARES case management in your life, who is always ‘there’ for you, who is caring, smart, efficient, and pragmatic.” 

“My case manager was the help I needed when I was in complete distress and felt like I had no hope.”

BIANJ CARES is currently accepting referrals. If you are interested in learning more or recommending someone to the program, please call 1-800-669-4323 or email BIANJ at