The Browse-and-Borrow Book and Video Library is a free service to New Jersey residents. The library offers hundreds of books on various subjects relevant to persons with brain family, their family members, and associated professionals. The library also offers numerous videos. All books and videos may be borrowed, with the exception of materials marked “Reference Only”.

Materials are available for one month, but arrangements can be made if you need it longer. We send materials with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, free of charge for two-way shipping within New Jersey.

Materials can be borrowed in person by visiting the library, or shipped via postal mail. If you wish to visit the library please make an appointment first, through phone (732-745-0200) or email ( Requests for materials can be made by emailing

Awareness & Prevention
Sports concussion, helmet safety, and other topics related to brain injury prevention.

Brain Tumors
Brain tumors, including information on diagnosis, treatment, coping and adjustment.

Case Management & Legal Resources
Case management and life care planning, ligitation in personal injury cases, and other legal topics.

Community Re-entry & Planning
Returning to the social community after sustaining brain injury, and tools for enabling community re-entry by helping with financial and other skills.

Coping and Family Issues
The impact of brain injury on the family (general, and specific to spouses, siblings, and parents) and suggestions for developing coping strategies and building supports.

Materials for Educators
The educational consequences of brain injury, both academic and social, and tools for educators to help students, as well as tools for families and students to better succeed in the school setting.

Mild Brain Injury
Concussion and mild brain injury, including diagnosis, treatment, patient information, and help for schools in developing concussion policies.

Mindfulness & Nutrition
Materials about promoting good health and well being. It is not meant to be a substitute for advice from your doctor.

Pediatric Brain Injury
Brain injury in children and adolescents, and information for parents, educators and professionals on how to meet the needs of these individuals.

Personal Accounts
Personal stories of people affected by brain injury: autobiographies of people with brain injury, books written by family members, novels, and stories about people with brain injury written by professionals.

Rehabilitation and Reference
Brain injury rehabilitation, addressing cognition, emotion, daily living, and other abilities impacted by brain injury, and also includes clinical reference materials on brain injury and its consequences.

Return to Work
Working after brain injury, of interest to persons with brain injury, family members, job coaches, vocational rehabilitation support staff, and employers.

Sensitivity & Staff Development
For professionals on working successfully for people with brain injury, as well as for family and other peers who would like the same information to help a person with brain injury succeed.

Strokes, including information on diagnosis, treatment, coping and adjustment.