CARES for KIDS is a free care management program for families who have a child
with a brain injury under the age of 21.

To qualify for CARES for KIDS, the family must live in New Jersey and be eligible for services through the New Jersey Department of Children and Families.

The CARES for KIDS program is funded by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families.

Services provided are individualized based upon the needs of the family. Some examples include:

  • – Connections to resources and supports for children and family.
  • – Attendance at school meetings to ensure success.
  • – Referrals to recreational programs, social services agencies and medical providers.
  • – Education via home visits, community outreach and more.

– Support for families through regular contact, including face to face, telephone and email communications.

Click here to visit BIANJ’s pediatric brain injury resources.

For more information about CARES for KIDS, call our Helpline at 1-800-669-4323 or 732-745-0200, or email

Director of Support Services
Debra Crossman
Phone: 732-745-0200

My Community Resource Specialist is…

“very¬† supportive and understanding of my son’s needs.”

“an excellent source of information.”

“a Godsend in many ways. She is very resourceful and more than willing to go that extra mile.”

“a delight to know and has been very helpful and instrumental in guiding our family to much needed services.”

“very supportive and works very hard for us. Always returns our calls.”

“an excellent source of information. Informs me about classes, meetings, conferences, programs, resources, etc. Assisted in obtaining funding for equipment.”

“always willing to do whatever is needed.”

Quotes taken from CARES for KIDS participant satisfaction surveys.