Cognitive Rehabilitation: Overview of Current Evidence Based Approaches

Presenter: Dr. Drew Nagele

cogRehabThis webinar focuses on the latest evidence-based approaches, and gives examples of what is realistic to expect from cognitive rehabilitation in terms of improving executive functioning, memory functioning, attention, visual spatial functioning, and social communication. This presentation draws from recently published work of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine’s Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group, and from the experience of clinicians working in the field, especially regarding the use of assistive technology as cognitive prostheses.


Topics covered include:

  • History of Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Methodological issues in conducting cognitive
    rehabilitation research
  • Review of evidence-based literature
  • Current practice standards, practice guidelines,
    practice options
  • Cognitive rehabilitation practice techniques
  • Future directions – moving toward context specific,
    ecologically valid interventions