In 2000, the Alliance established an endowment fund which would help ensure long term financial stability. There are several methods by which a donor could make a gift to the Alliance’s endowment fund. A direct gift of cash or securities provides an immediate tax saving for the donor and helps the
endowment fund grow.

There are several ways to make indirect (planned gifts) and help the Alliance’s endowment fund grow and, at the same time, add some tax advantages to the donor. These gifts could be bequests (grants made as part of an estate through a will); gifts of life insurance; and charitable gift annuities through which the donor and the Alliance receive benefits. A thought before considering a planned gift; Do you have a current will? A will is the best way to make sure that decisions about your affairs are made by you- and not someone else. With any direct or planned gift to endowment, donors are advised to speak with their own legal and/ or financial adviser as to specific tax situations.

The purpose of the endowment fund is to ensure that the mission of the Alliance can continue for decades to come.  For more information or to speak with someone about the endowment fund call the development director at 732.745.0200 or contact us online.