Chances are, you know someone who has fallen or who is afraid of falling. ‘A Matter of Balance’ is a proven program designed to help people manage concerns about falls and increase physical activity. Southern Maine Agency on Aging is looking for volunteers to help provide this program.


Participants learn to:
– view falls as controllable
– set goals for increasing activity
– make changes to reduce fall risks at home
– exercise to increase strength and balance
*Classes are held twice per week for 4 weeks. Classes are 2 hours in duration.


What do you need to be a coach?
Coaches help participants become more confident about managing falls, help to identify ways to reduce falls, and lead exercises to help increase strength and balance.
– good communication and interpersonal skills
– enthusiasm, dependability and a willingness to lead small groups of older adults
– ability to lead low to moderate level exercise

For more information, to attend classes or to host them, please contact:
Laura Jacobs, Education and Outreach Coordinator
Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey
732-745-0200 ext. 230


A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls Volunteer Lay Leader Model ©2006
This program is based on Fear of Falling: A Matter of Balance. Copyright ©1995 Trustees of Boston University. All rights reserved. Used and adapted by permission of Boston University.

A Matter of Balance Lay Leader Model
Recognized for Innovation and Quality in Healthcare and Aging, 2006, American Society on Aging.
A Matter of Balance Lay Leader Model was developed by a grant from the Administration on Aging (#90AM2780).