A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury. Concussion happens from many different types of activities such as car crashes, falls, playground and bicycle related crashes. It results in immediate changes in brain function that, most of the time, resolve on their own; many people who have a concussion recover within two or three weeks. Some require longer, sometimes much longer.

The best way to support a child with a concussion is with a treatment team that includes the family, medical, and school professionals. Here are a few suggestions for supporting a child with a concussion:

  • – Reassure the child that they will get better.
  • – Monitor symptoms over time and share observations with the doctor.
  • – If symptoms get worse, stop and rest.
  • – Emphasize that it is important to follow medical recommendations; overdoing can prolong recovery.

For more information on concussion, visit the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey’s sportsconcussion.com.