Nutrition and the Brain Made Simple

ErnestEhrhardtPresenter: Dr. Ernest A. Ehrhardt
Chief General Practitioner, Ehrhardt Center for Integrative Medicine
Date: June 10, 2016
Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm

As a well respected author, speaker, and doctor of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Ernest A. Ehrhardt has set an impressive standard of care for his medical team and health care center. Dr. Ehrhardt currently acts as Chief General Practitioner at the Erhardt Center for Integrative Medicine, with specialties in the fields of Bio-Chemical Disorders and Nutrition. He teaches his patients about their body’s individual messages, and involves each patient as a critical member of the health care team. Dr. Ehrhardt completed his doctorate at Capital University of Integrative Medicine, Washington, D.C.

This virtual session will:
– Describe foods that maintain the health of the brain
– Illustrate how sugar, salt and stress can be problematic for cognition
– Discuss foods that are beneficial for the general function of the brain, memory and nervous system
– Explain how to achieve the greatest nutritional benefit from the least amount of calories
– Teach how to simply reduce the bad cholesterol and decrease the total cholesterol with the use of food and water