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Group of children exercise with their teacher in kindergarten. Kids are standing in a row and smiling. They are holding hands in front of them and doing morning exercise. Models in this shot are part of real kindergarten group and their teacher.

Street Smarts Workshops

Grades K – 8
Each Street Smarts workshop provides information about the brain and how to protect it. There are age-appropriate presentations that address pedestrian, passenger or helmet safety. Public Education Coordinators from the Alliance can also tailor a workshop to fit your needs. Request this workshop now!

young-soccer-playing-girlsConcussion workshops
Grades K – 12
The Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey’s Concussion in Youth Sports Committee has developed the following workshops to provide teachers, parents, and communities with the most current information about concussion. Each of these workshops was initially presented as a webinar and can be viewed in our webinar archive. Request this workshop now!

iStock_000019867482_LargeConcussion Management Teams
For Adults
The key to good concussion management is communication among clinicians, schools professionals, the student and family. This presentation provides background and information about how schools can establish a Concussion Management Team to support return to learn and recovery from concussion. Request this workshop now!

iStock_000021298374MediumConcussion in Youth Sports
For Adults
An overview of concussion, including the signs and symptoms, the risk of secondary injury, the New Jersey Concussion Law and Model Policy, and guidelines for return to learn and return to play. Request this workshop now!


Portrait of a happy pretty school girl in the classroomConcussion in the Classroom
For Adults
An overview of the academic challenges students with brain injury or concussion face upon return to school and strategies to address these challenges. Request this workshop now!



iStock_000001743107MediumConcussion in Younger Children
For Adults
An overview of concussion with an emphasis on how younger children playing community sports respond to concussion compared to adolescents playing interscholastic sports. Request this workshop now!



Teacher-resourcesConcussion and the School Nurse
For Faculty
An overview of concussion developed specifically for school nurses to provide an expanded understanding of concussion among students, grades K – 12, who have been diagnosed with concussion. Request this workshop now!



Champion Schools Program

This free teen driving safety program is open to all New Jersey High Schools. We challenge you to develop teen driving safety programs and compete in a fun, interactive contest where three grand prize winners are each awarded $10,000 for their schools. For more information:

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Concussion in the Classroom Booklet
A Parent’s Guide to Choosing a Sports Concussion Specialist
REAP the Benefits of Good Concussion Management
How Can Parents Educate Coaches About Concussion
Mild Head Injury and Post Traumatic Headache
Mild TBI Fact Sheet
Persistent Post-Concussive Syndrome
Recovering from Mild TBI
Repeated Mild Brain Injury: Myths and New Directions
Second Impact Syndrome

Concussion Posters

Brainy Bunch Brochure