Principles of Advocacy

Presented by: Tom Grady, MPA, ACS, CL


This webinar discusses the foundations of advocacy, basic steps toward effective advocacy, organizing and maintaining sincere and impactful advocacy messaging, and how to accomplish a successful advocacy meeting.

For over ten years, Tom Grady has worked in the areas of public policy, human services, and brain injury. Since 2002, Tom has served as Director of Advocacy & Public Affairs for the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey.

Tom’s main areas of expertise are in government relations, legislative development, constituent relations, and communications. He assists with the Alliance’s Council for the Head Injured Community (CHIC), providing counsel on how to advocate. Tom has been involved with the passage of legislation which: established the New Jersey Special Education & Traumatic Brain Injury Task Force; designates the month of March of each year as Brain Injury Awareness Month; and based brain injury services by $54,200,000 in State and Federal funding between fiscal years 2004 and 2011.

Topics Include:

  • What is advocacy? What are the basic steps to advocate effectively?
  • How do I organize an advocacy message?
  • How do I keep an advocacy message sincere and succinct?
  • How do I accomplish a successful advocacy meeting?