Visual Changes in Post-Concussion Syndrome & Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Presented by Dr. Vincent R. Vicci, Jr., OD & Dr. S. Moshe Roth, OD, FCOVD


At the OpticianVincent R. Vicci Jr. O.D. has worked extensively in the area of visual problems associated with learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury, stroke and neurologically challenged individuals. He is the staff consultant and co-founder of Vision Clinics: Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation. He has been accepted as an expert in the field of Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation in all northern New Jersey county courts as well as out of state appointments.

Dr. S. Moshe Roth, OD, FCOVD is an Optometric Physician and provides Neuro-Optometic Rehabilitation Therapy for individuals who have suffered traumatic and acquired brain injury. He provides Vision Therapy to enable children and adults addressvision problems that affect reading and learning, overcome strabismus and amblyopia (Lazy Eye), Convergence Insufficiency, Autism, and Brain Injury.

Among the most common and debilitating symptoms that a patient with a traumatic brain injury can experience are the dizziness, imbalance and disorientation problems that accompany vestibular dysfunction. A new understanding of the role of the visual-vestibular interactions in such patients is vital to their re-introduction into the world.

Topics Include:

  • How to Identify individuals with visual/vestibular dysfunction,
  • A List of two treatment options for visual/vestibular dysfunction.