August 22, 2018

Presented by: Kristen Russell, OTR, ATP

Kristen is an Assistive Technology Specialist at Advancing Opportunities with a background as an Occupational Therapist.  She is certified by RESNA as an Assistive Technology Professional and provides assistive technology evaluations and trainings to consumers with all types of disabilities through a variety of agencies including the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Traumatic Brain Injury Fund, School Districts, Veteran’s Administration, and Division of Developmental Disabilities.  She has extensive experience helping students to achieve greater independence. 

Voice assistants (also called smart speakers), such as the Amazon Echo (Alexa) and the Google Home, are newer technologies that have many applications for people with brain injuries. This session will explore many of those ways including using these tools for organization, time management, and daily life. Attendees will be provided with an overview of what voice assistants can do, a review of the most popular versions of home devices available, as well as a list of voice commands that are particularly pertinent for people with brain injuries. This session will be helpful to people considering purchasing a voice assistant or those who are looking to more fully utilize one that they currently own. Professionals will learn practical ways to utilize this type of technology to help increase their client’s independence with everyday tasks by using reminders, timers, and accessing their calendar and lists by voice. Professionals will also be provided with questions to help determine if this technology is appropriate for their clients. If time allows, a brief overview of other newer assistive technologies that are applicable to people with brain injuries will be provided.


Google Home Commands Amazon Alexa Command Cheat Sheet